Design Edits

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Maximize Your Brand Identity.

Gotopress is not a single service business. In fact, our services are enhanced when they are combined. From creating a new brand identity to the marketing campaign announcing your new up and coming business, we can deliver the services you need. Not only does this mean a better end product, it also means you no longer have to manage multiple design companies. Let's start shall we?

Well adding your product to cart; Upload images you think we will need to edits your design as accurately as possible.


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Product Description

Text, logo, background-edits
We can change a name, colour or background and tweak fonts and sizes.

Template modifications
After you choose a template, we can alter the illustration or layout.

Image repair
We can increase the resolution of logos, and touch up or add effects to photos.

Matching products
We’ll transfer your logo or design to a variety of great products for a coordinated look.