What is Die Cut for business cards or hang tags?

Die-cutting is a process used to cut paper into a specific shape using a cutting die. The material being cut is placed on a flat surface with a supportive backing, and the die is pressed onto the material to cut it. E.g: As for example below.

Die Cutting 1 Die Cut img 5 Gotopress - Canada Printshop
Die Cutting 2 Die Cut img 4 Gotopress - Canada Printshop
Die Cutting 3 Die Cut img 3 Gotopress - Canada Printshop
Die Cutting 4 Die Cut img 2 Gotopress - Canada Printshop
Die Cutting 5 Die Cut img 1 Gotopress - Canada Printshop

Be original with die cut business cards! Custom die cutting is available for business cards, hang tags, postcards, and so much more.
All our business card can be "Die Cut". Scroll through our wide selection from Standard, Luruxy & Letterpress business cards than simply select "Die cut: Yes" in your feature options. Starting at only $75 No setup fees! EVER! Business Cards Die Cut Options.

Important - Please read

We do not charge set-up fees. Multiple die cutting jobs are combined together and most dies are one-time use only. Same cost will apply for future reprints.